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How we rate and review products

Refined Reviews provides in-depth testing of the reviewed products, evaluation of the brands and their policies, vast research of the topic in question and wide assessment of the opinions of shoppers just like you.

1. Topic research

To be able to understand the effectiveness of a product and what makes one better than the other, we perform deep topical research. This is important, not only for us to provide an educated product comparison, but also for you as the customer to get educated on the products you are about to purchase. We only use trusted sources, such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Healthline for health and supplement related topics, and publications like WWD, Allure and BeautyStreams for skincare and beauty related trends and industry data.

2. Estimated effectiveness

We compare products based on ingredients and how they test in action in terms of the product claims and how well they measure up against the competitors. We review the ingredient list carefully to compare percentages of active substances, as well as any clinical studies that the brand may have performed.

3. Brand properties

We analyze every aspect of the brands that provide the product. Anything from customer support and return policy to social responsibility and community.

4. Bang for your buck!

Usually one of the most important (if not THE most important) factors when evaluating which product to buy is the price – and specifically value for your money. So we analyze and compare every aspect of the product economics, like the percentages of active ingredients in the products, subscription discounts, volume discounts, bundle pricing, etc.

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5. Customer reviews

Last but definitely not least… one of the most important and reliable factors when evaluating which product or brand to buy is to see what other people think about the products. Therefore we scan the internet and listen to what other shoppers are saying about the brand experience and the results/effectiveness of the products.